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PACT (pækt) n
an agreement or compact between two or more parties, nations, etc, for mutual advantage.




THE BRAVEN PACTPartnership Against Crime Taskforce

Our Mission: Provide a cost effective, efficient and operational Crime Prevention Program that encapsulates support of police, community, and industry stakeholders to significantly reduce incidents of burglary, theft and damage on WA construction sites and land development areas.

  • Braven Group Services (Braven) have vast experience partnering with the Western Australian Construction Sector. A team of senior professionals with accumulated years of applied law enforcement and corporate security experience
  • Braven Directors were instrumental in the implementation and on-going management of the WA building industry’s “Name and Shame” campaign from 2003 to 2011
  • Implementation and renaming of the N&S Campaign to “BUSTed”, joining WA’s 4 major builders in 2011 until the sale of the business in 2015
  • Collectively, we have built a comprehensive intelligence of construction industry requirements and have a proven capability to deliver effective solutions to help reduce the ongoing costs of construction site crime.

'Determining the level of building site crime has traditionally been difficult because many builders only report crimes that result in significant loss.'

Office of Crime Prevention evaluation of the Name and Shame Campaign by UWA Crime Research Unit 2008.


'Building sites provide an “ideal” venue for crime as they bring together a lack of “guardianship” (effective protection) with a range of potential offenders. Building sites thus present something of a “perfect storm” of risk.’

Reducing theft at constructions sites: Lessons from a problem-oriented project; Ronald V. Clarke and Herman Goldstein (2002)


Braven Capability

Services can include:


  • Online crime reporting platform via computer, iPad or mobile phone
  • Verification of incidents and liaison with police to obtain Incident Report Numbers
  • Mapping crime hotspot areas
  • 24/7 1800 Hotline for members of the public to call
  • Investigation Services into onsite theft and damage
  • Illegal rubbish dumping investigation and liaison with local council
  • Security signage, tape and stickers
  • GPS tracking devices, CCTV and alarm systems
  • Covert surveillance on targets
  • Social media campaign
  • Industry education
  • Security guards and patrols.


Reporting crime is the first step to working towards creating a culture of ‘no tolerance towards crime’ and our partnership against crime.


'A major factor, internal to the police department, supporting increased attention to the problem was the contribution that the number of thefts made to the overall crime rate for the district. In varying degrees, district commanders and their personnel are held accountable for the incidence of crime and especially for substantial increases in crime.'

Reducing theft at constructions sites: Lessons from a problem-oriented project; Ronald V. Clarke and Herman Goldstein (2002)

What is the importance of reporting crime?

Today’s law enforcement is even more driven by statistical information than in the past. When crime is reported in large volume the increased statistics which will initiate additional police resources to be allocated to those offences and areas, resulting in:

  • Increased patrols
  • Focused investigations
  • Police operations
  • Increased community awareness, through police signage and social media.

Additional police resources that are focused on construction area crime will have a significant impact on reducing crime within the construction industry.


'The comprehensive database of members’ building site crime reports is a valuable resource. Accurate reporting of building site crime allows identification of problem areas and trends in stolen items, ensuring targeted prevention strategies can be implemented.’

Office of Crime Prevention evaluation of the Name and Shame Campaign by UWA Crime Research Unit 2008

Online Reporting

User-friendly onsite crime reporting by supervisors or office personnel, via computer/iPad/iPhone.

Crime mapping of incidents over the last 30 days provides members with up to date visual reference of hotspot crimes areas and assist in targeted investigations.

The ongoing collection of data from Land Developers, Civil Contractors, residential and commercial builders in relation to onsite crime through reporting, CCTV footage and suspicious activity will allow better management of relevant information and allow crime trends across the industry to be identified and appropriately managed.

High crime areas will be identified through Braven online reporting system allowing investigators to liaise with Police on targeted Braven/Police operations to reduce identified crime, including the deployment of GPS tracking devices, covert surveillance, remote CCTV and other measures to reduce construction industry crime.

Scope of Works Available

  • Provide database access to members to record all onsite crime via computer/iPad/phone App
  • Verify incidents and liaise with Police to obtain Incident Report Numbers
  • Liaise with Police Forensic and building supervisors on all burglaries and large scale theft to provide forensic examinations as required
  • Provide Police Incident Report Numbers of all reported crime to members
  • 24/7 hour phone line 1800 BRAVEN (272 836) via signage and marketing to receive incoming calls
  • Full investigation services into onsite crime
  • Coordination and liaison with WA Police on all incidents and investigations until result
  • Illegal rubbish dumping investigation and liaison where ID available, liaise with local council
  • Staff toolbox meetings/networking/community awareness
  • Provide offenders details and court results when made available by Police
  • Deployment, monitoring and recovery of GPS tracking devices fitted to assets
  • Site security signage/stickers/printed packing tape/pamphlets
  • Security guards and mobile patrols
  • Free consultation to members on security issues.


What's Next?